Because most of these are drawn on stream to engage and entertain my viewers, I put new sketches here at a low price for the first 24 to 48 hours for my followers. email me ( ) or refresh the page for latest info. Cheers.

girl sketch 1.jpg


charcoal on newsprint

sylvanas sketch.jpg


girl sketch 11-26.jpg

Girl Study - Sold

newsprint about 16”x20”

liza soberano sketch.jpg

Liza Soberano - Sold

newsprint around 16”x20”

dr strange sketch.jpg

Dr Strange - Sold

charcoal on newsprint - about 16”x20”

hulk sketch.jpg

Hulk - Sold

Charcoal on newsprint 16”x16”

rihanna sketch.jpg

Rihanna Sketch - Sold

charcoal on newsprint 16”x20”

clint eastwood sketch.jpg

Clint Eastwood - Sold

Charcoal on newsprint

Motoko - Sold

Hrithik Roshan Sketch.jpg

Hrithik Roshan Sketch - Sold

charcoal on newsprint