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My name is Xiaonan, a Hollywood commissioned artist, and I have been drawing for most of my life. My ambidextrous 2 handed simultaneous drawing is featured in Ripley-Believe-It-or-Not museum and my art videos are licenced by TV stations in the US and around the world. 

My passion lies in allowing the beauty of people to shine through the paper, in ways a heartless camera can't possibly capture. 

Over the years many of my commissions found their way into the homes and offices of high officials and CEOs, and people who value quality the most, especially when it comes to the ones they love.  With an Youtube channel boasting over 40 million views, I was one of the first few artists that focused on not just the final image, but the beautiful drawing process also, which is a performance-art of its own, sadly so often lost.

I like to have my work speak for itself, press play and enjoy. A lot more can be seen in my Art Video page. Click commission samples to see some of my still image portfolio.

Contact me today for an exquisite personal portrait for you or a loved one that is ever lasting

Below is a quick over view video.